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The Tahamí Promise

Tahamí By
Nature is committed to the
highest standards in thoughtfully sourcing the finest raw materials for inclusion in our handcrafted artisan bath and body products. T
ahamí bath and body products are made to pamper!! We are confident your skin will absolutely love our products!!

  • Handcraft Soaps: Handmade artisan soaps are made with luxurious pampering oils and butters. As a beautifully healthy bonus, unlike commercially produced soaps, our handcrafted soaps retain glycerin, a highly moisturizing by-product of the soap making process.
  • Bath Bombs: Known as “Bath Candy,” our bath bombs are handmade with our proprietary blend and infused with dried botanicals, glitter, seeds, sea salts, oils or butter.
  • Whipped Butter: An ultra rich 100% custom blend of oils, butters, and vitamins designed to maintain skin moisture without feeling heavy.
  • Sugar Scrub: Gentle exfoliation is the hallmark of this natural scrub. Loaded with terrific oils and butter that, when combined with organic sugar, helps to leave skin smooth and supple. Moisture plus!!!
  • Soy Candles: Made with pure soy wax, this vegetable based candle will burner cleaner than petroleum based candles. The fragrance load will enhance any atmosphere. What a great and fragrant way to support American farmers!!!