Tahamí By Nature’s founder has been making handcrafted beauty products since 2009.  However it was not until she learned the plight of children in the foster care system did she decide to do what people had been suggesting for years…sell her "stuff". 

Soaping With a Purpose

Tahamí’s founder makes her soap with a purpose…to earn the resources necessary to support Be A Resource (BEAR), the non-profit arm of the local Child Protective Service.  As the BEAR website states, BEAR...BE A Resource for CPS Kids offers hope and help to abused and neglected children and the caseworkers who protect them.”  This is an effort Tahamí is honored to support.

What is BEAR?

BEAR is a 501 (c) (3) public/private partnership that provides emergency goods and services directly to children under the care of Child Protective Services (CPS). 

Tahamí By Nature’s Commitment

Tahamí has committed to donated 25% of all sales to BEAR.  This is 25% of all sales before all costs.   So not only will your purchase bring you a soap that will promote improved skin cleansing and conditioning, but you will be providing “Hope and Help for abused and neglected children”.

                                                                                            Click Picture to Donate Directly to BEAResource

                                                                                          Click Picture to Donate Directly to BEAResource

Now that is Soaping With a Purpose!!!