Five Reasons Your Skin Needs Some Cocoa Butter Love

You’ve probably heard a little about cocoa butter being beneficial for your skin, right? You might even purchase commercial cocoa butter lotions. But do you know what makes cocoa butter good for your skin? And more importantly, the difference in good and “bad” cocoa butter?

Tahami by Nature uses cocoa butter (along with other oils and butters) in our products and we truly love it. We think it’s time to spread the word and educate about how wonderful cocoa butter can be for your skin.

1.       Moisturizer: Cocoa butter is a great moisturizer for your skin because it is high in fatty acids. It said prevent and reduce skin dryness while healing the skin.

2.       Healer: People who suffer from common skin ailments such as dermatitis and eczema have reported success using cocoa butter to help reduce and relieve symptoms.

3.       Beautifier: You’ve probably heard that cocoa butter helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Some claim that it can even keep them away. While the jury is still out on this one, it certainly can’t hurt your skin to use it!

4.       Preserver: Thanks to the free radical fighting antioxidants cocoa butter contains, it can help prevent discoloring of the skin and signs of aging.

5.       Soother: If you have a burn or a rash, cocoa butter is a great option for soothing it.

What is Good and Bad Cocoa Butter?

Unfortunately, you won’t find a label that says “good cocoa butter” or “bad cocoa butter.” Instead, you’ll see terms like pure, refined, and unrefined. You want to purchase cocoa butter that is pure or unrefined so that it retains its original elements. Heating it reduces the fatty acids that are so beneficial to your skin.

So now you have it, 5 good reasons you should make cocoa butter a part of your skin care routine. Whether you find it in its raw state, use it through lotions, or handcrafted soaps – remember that you want to get it in its purest form.