Five Benefits of Using Handmade Soap

Tahamí By Nature got started with handmade soaps. We have since expanded to other products such as bath bombs and body butters, but handcrafted soaps still have our hearts. Not only do we love creating items that households across the country will enjoy, we love knowing that by choosing our products, these same households are reducing the amount of chemicals they are exposed to in their daily lives.

Our soaps are beautiful and smell heavenly, but the benefits go far beyond that.

1.       Kiss the chemicals goodbye. Ingredients in store bought soap such as surfactants, sulfates, and parabens come in many different forms and are bad for your skin. These ingredients can cause irritation to your skin and even make it age faster. Think about a bar of “soap” that is cracking and breaking due to dryness. This is the same thing that is happening to your skin when you use this soap! So if you are suffering from ashy, itchy, or dry skin – you know why.

2.       Soft, smooth skin. Your skin will be much softer when you switch to handcrafted soaps. In addition to getting away from skin irritating and drying chemicals, you will be enjoying the benefits of glycerin in natural soap. Glycerin is a by-product of handmade soap and is known to produce smoother skin because it causes your skin to draw in more water, ensuring that it is fully hydrated. Commercial soap makers actually remove the glycerin from soap so they can put it in other products such as lotions and creams – forcing you to buy multiple products when one could have done the job.

3.       Familiar ingredients. What if you could look at the label on your soap and actually know what’s in it? With handcrafted soaps, you can do just that. Familiar ingredients such as aloe, coconut oil, essential oils, and cocoa butter are what you will find. Your soap won’t be a high school chemistry experiment, but more like a day at the spa.

4.       No animal testing. Do we need to say anything more? We don’t test our ingredients or our finished products on animals – can other commercial brands say the same? Furthermore, our soap and ingredients are vegan. We don’t use any animal products to create the products that our customers love.

5.       No detergents. Did you know that some commercial soaps use the same ingredients as laundry detergent and other household cleansers? What’s that doing to your skin? While this goes hand-in-hand with benefit one, chemicals, it’s important to call attention to. Why would you wash your skin in the same thing you wash fabrics in to get out stains and preserve colors? It just doesn’t make sense.

We believe in our products and our processes, and these 5 benefits of handcrafted soaps are why we got into business in the first place. We want you to know that you can have luxuriously soft skin without all the chemicals that are in commercial soap. You can enjoy pretty colors and beautiful fragrances through natural materials that we put into our soaps – not artificial ingredients. Check out our inventory and get to know the Tahamí difference today.