The Power of 10 Challenge - Why I Believe In the Power Of Ten

Whether time, money or things – I am a long time donor. I learned years ago that a little, especially in the aggregate, can go a long way.  This concept is particularly true and impactful in the world of charitable giving.  Now to be clear, I will not be talking about giving to our churches and other religious groups.  I take nothing away from our churches, they contribute greatly to society.  

I am talking about secular charitable giving.  As a country, we the citizens of the United States of America donated 258 billion in 2014.  That is great, but…and you knew there would be a “but” – we can do more. That more is what I am calling The Power of Ten.

Too often those of us who are not extremely wealthy feel like there is not much we can do.  We say, “I don’t have the money to build a school.” Or how about, “I wish I had the money to feed the hungry.”  The fact is many of us don’t have the money to make a dramatic impact, but, nonetheless, we can make an impact.  And making an impact is really what it’s all about.  The Power of Ten

So what is this “Power of Ten” you may be wondering.  The Power of Ten is the power of $10 per month, in the aggregate.  I personally believe that this power is amazing and untapped. Le’s do the math.

If a

         A Family Commits

o   20 x $10 per month = $2,400 per year

·         A Group Commits (Friends, Sororities, Fraternities, Colleagues etc.)

o   50 x $10 per month = $6,000 per year

·         A Community Commits

o   10,000 x $10 per month = $1,2000,000 per year

What a tremendous impact we can make to our collective communities!  What food bank, woman’s shelter, disaster relief organization couldn’t use $2,400 - $1,200,000?  And what would you be required to commit? Just $10 per month.  The Power of Ten

The Power of Ten Challenge has a few rules...

1.       Select a charity.  If you don’t have a personal charity or want to research charities, you may use Charity Watch Dog to vet a charity. (Charity Watch Dog link)

2.       Find out how the charity accepts payments.  Most accept credit cards, debit cards and checks.

3.       Set up monthly payments of $10 to your charity, either through your credit/debit card or bill pay for your bank account.

4.       Make a poster that has two lines.  The first line says, “#The Power of Ten”. The second line says the name of the charity.

5.       Take a picture holding the poster or just take a picture of the poster and post to Facebook (FB Link) and/or Instagram.  #thepoweroften.

6.       Send the link to this page (FB Link) and challenge your friends, family, organizations, etc. to commit to the The Power of Ten.

Now listen, this is a rare occasion when I will say “no” to the ‘big’ money. The entire point of the Power of Ten movement is to encourage small regular donations.  So those who can do more - do more - you just cannot “officially” be apart of the Power of Ten movement.  I am hoping to see people from all walks of life commit to the The Power of Ten.

Our goal is 100,000 individuals committed to The Power of Ten = $12,000,000 dollar impact!!!  Let’s do this!!! #thepoweroften

Karen SmithComment