Fear Is A Good Thing???

Using fear to drive success…

Until recently, I have always thought social media to be too intrusive, too much exposure and, at the end of the day, who really cares?  Nothing like the need to market one’s self to make me overcome a fear. 

I recently launched a business and decided to utilize social media to increase awareness of my product and my mission.  Because of that need I have become much more “social” on social media. 

Meet a lady on Facebook with whom I appear to have many things in common.  We are both mothers, we both are interested in eating healthy and we both are interested in natural healing.  The other thing we have in common is the existence of fear.

After I recognized “fear” in her, I recalled it in me and said out loud, “Fear is not a negative emotion..it is a good thing".

My new friend, I will call her “Betsy” lives in another country and is the sole support of her family.  Betsy’s partner has cancer.  Fear.  Betsy’s son and granddaughter live far away.  Fear. She is wondering what will become of her in old age?  Fear.

Betsy’s concerns are those shared by many of us - family, health and finance.  Once more, life proves we are more alike than we are dissimilar.

Fear is normally thought of as a weakness… cowardly.  I have a totally different opinion.  That is, fear connects us to our humanity and is critical to success. 

I love a list, so here are 4 reasons why I believe fear is good:

1.       Chaos Controls:  Imagine a world where there was nothing to fear.  People would act without restrictions, without limitations.  The weak would be controlled by the strong and the strong would have no controls.  Fear is what stops that little boy from breaking a window.  Makes that corporation behave responsibility regarding the environment.  Fear is Chaos’ gatekeeper.

2.       Means You are Human:  Fear actually keeps us alive by driving us to avoid harm.  It also makes us more human by making us face potential harm.  We have all heard tales of superhuman strength being exhibited by a parent when their child is at risk.  Or what about the fear that drives a woman to challenge a large west coast electric company’s handling of the environment?  Fear can be a tremendous motivator. 

3.       Reality Check: Oddly enough fear can lead to the very important exercise of the “reality check”. A fear-lead reality check will strip away unwarranted optimism and unrealistic expectations.  In the end all you are left with is your situation or idea and you.  Will it work?  Is it the best decision?  What is the likely outcome?  Fear drives all of these very vital questions.  The beautiful thing about reality is – it exists.  Period.

4.       Unleashes “The Possible”: Fear is the catalyst of inspiration that leads to what is possible.  When you are able to achieve success through fear, it makes you more confident and stronger.  A stronger person sees the freedom in taking a chance – living a dream – taking a risk… daring to succeed and knowing it is possible.  Fear is an essential part of greatness. 

 Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.

~Unknown Source