Tahamí By Nature’s high standards coupled with the Earth’s finest ingredients are essential to the creation of handcrafted artisan soaps your skin will absolutely love!!  Unlike commercially produced soaps, our handcrafted soaps retain glycerin, a highly moisturizing by-product of the soap making process.  As a beautifully healthy bonus, Tahamí soaps are made with natural skin pampering oils and butters.  Many of our soaps are scented and colored with ingredients provided by Mother Earth herself...all natural.  

·         Tahamí By Nature:  Handmade artisan soaps created with natural oils and fragrances along with colors inspired by nature. 

·         Tahamí By Nature...Pure:  Handmade artisan soaps created with all natural oils, fragrances and colors.

·         Tahamí By Nature…Luxury:  Handmade artisan soaps created with all natural luxuriously rich natural oils, fragrances and colors.

The Tahamí Story

We have been making handcrafted beauty products since 2009.  In the beginning, many of our ingredients were sustainably sourced from South America - a tradition that continues..  After years of encouragement to sell our “stuff”, we decided to pick a name that represented the region that inspired us.  Tahamí is the name of group of South American indigenous people - the Tahamí Indians.

The South American rainforests, with the largest being the Amazon, are famed for their immense biodiversity.  The number of plant species is the highest on Earth with one Ecuadorian rainforest supporting more than 1,100 tree species. In the region, scientist have identified at least 438,000 plant species of economic and social interest, with many more remaining to be discovered or catalogued. The total number of tree species in the region is estimated at 16,000. Our appreciation of the value of nature, leads Tahamí to make the following pledge:

·         Sustainability - Tahamí is committed to purchasing supplies from suppliers that are committed to sustainability by conserving biodiversity.

·         No Animal Testing – We make every effort to only purchase products that were not tested on animals. This makes Crimson and Banjo happy. (See below)

·         Environmentally Friendly – We consistent lookfor every opportunity to use recycled products and reduce our environmental footprint.  We are not where we want to be, but are making great strides.